Coach teams to the next level

Get more than the sum of the parts—build true team performance.

Our Teams solution helps leaders and members master the art of teaming.

Teams learn their top areas for growth, such as trust, decision making, or accountability. They pick one area at a time to focus on as a team. 

Hands-on workshops and development journeys build new skills and give team members practice.

Leaders learn how to coach their teams, and ensure the new behaviors stick.

Elements of our
Teams solution

We develop teams with 4 ingredients. Managers learn to coach their teams. Development is integrated with real work. Our digital platform gives tips, techniques, and checklists, and improves team awareness. Bite-size content makes learning quick and enjoyable.


Managers are trained in how to coach teams. This enables teams to play a greater role in making decisions, solving problems, and delivering customer value. Teams also improve how they work together. With their manager’s support, team members learn to spot patterns they fall into, and how to set new norms that will lead to better outcomes. When a team backslides into old patterns, their manager is there to coach them back to high performance.

Process for integration

Learn-by-doing workshops give team members hands-on experience with the skills they are building. New concepts are grounded in reality and connected to the actual work they do. Scenarios and simulations let team members practice new behaviors in a safe environment. Managers reinforce what is learned in workshops by “live coaching” teams as they collaborate and make decisions in the workplace.

Bite-size content

Teams are busy, and so are their managers. Development journeys provide engaging bits of content that can be consumed in just 20-30 minutes per week. Our content lets people experience ‘aha’ moments whenever they want, wherever they want. Our workshops are customized to your schedule, and delivered in a series of short bursts. They are designed to be delivered internally, but we are there to help if you need us.

Digital platform​

Managers prioritize three development journeys, and teams pick one to complete together. Via 360s, people anonymously learn how their teammates view them, and receive tailored advice on how to improve. Throughout, team members discuss what they’re learning, and support each other’s growth. After completing a journey, team members are awarded a badge and get takeaways for future reference.

Give your teams a boost

Our Teams solution delivers tailored development, across our seven growth areas:

Experience the difference


We are happy to set up a pilot program for you. The pilot will train a select group of teams in the skills needed to have coaching conversations around team performance. Each team will then identify and complete a high-priority development journey.

Along the way, team leaders will support their teams as they take on new habits and build skills. At the end of the pilot, participants will engage in a retrospective to discuss what worked, what didn’t, and plan improvements for the future.