Promoting growth and lasting change

Our app is a pocket coach, supporting individuals and teams as they work to change their mindsets and behavior.

Complement your performance management cycle with a fresh approach to people development.


Change habits



Find your top opportunities for growth

Choose a coach and supporters, then get feedback on what skill you’d benefit most from honing. For example: listening, delegating, or problem solving.
GrowthOp will recommend three development journeys to help build crucial skills. Pick the journey you think is best for your role and where you want to go next!

Development Journeys

Learn a new skill, individually or with your team

Our self-paced journeys give you the advice, support, and practice you need
to unlock your potential. 
Learning is fun and interactive. 

Our step-by-step journeys brim with fascinating stories, expert wisdom, punchy videos, eye-opening science and stats, insightful quizzes, and simple exercises for building powerful new habits. When you complete a journey, you earn a badge to mark your achievement.

Quizzes and 360s

Gain self-insight and tailored advice

Quizzes and 360s

Gain self-insight and tailored advice

Across our journeys, you’ll find dozens of research-backed personality quizzes. Learn how you compare to others, and get advice for work and relationships. Measure your soft skills, like creativity or resilience, and get tips for upping your game.
Many have a 360º feedback option, so you can learn about your hidden strengths and blindspots. 
 All your results are saved in one place, and you can retake a quiz to see how much you’ve grown.

Advice for Life

Get support for outside the workplace

The app includes hundreds of evidence-based tips for healthy, balanced living. 
Ask a burning question—How do I patch things up with my friend? What should I do about my student loans? How can I make decisions more confidently?—and instantly receive easy-to-follow advice.
By tending to your personal relationships, keeping your finances in good order, and getting more from your leisure time, you’ll have greater peace of mind and energy throughout the day.