The vivovii app promotes growth and lasting change

Our cloud-based digital platform changes the tone and nature of development conversations. 


Managers are given the tools to coach. Their people take charge of their own development.


Across the organization, the app delivers personalized content to help individuals and teams flourish.

With our digital platform, you can...

Equip managers with tools to be effective and efficient coaches

Personalize the experience at scale for employees

Deliver targeted content in a cost-effective manner

Motivate learning-by-doing for employees in minutes per week

Improve continuously through data-driven insights

Access content on any device.

Organizations can add their own content and track group progress.


Instant Access. Anytime, Anywhere.

Bite-size learning for the busy professional. Insightful content, multimedia, peer support, diagnostics, exercises, and rewards. For Android, iOS, and desktop.


See the Impact

The dashboard lets leaders see which teams are using the app to grow—and the progress being made across the organization.



We help you develop custom content. You can direct content to specific groups—targeting the right audience at the right time.

Curated, interactive,
and evidence-based content
all on a secure platform.

Curated Content

  • Client-centric: VIVOVII proprietary or custom content hosted on platform
  • Personalized: Target GrowthOp and content delivery to specific users and groups
  • Comprehensive: Extensive database of evidence-based development journeys
  • Seamless: Complements existing Talent/HR and business programs

Privacy & Security

  • Cloud-based: Secure Google Cloud Platform
  • User data: Personal information is fully confidential
  • Analysis: Aggregated data provides pattern-based insights
  • Third parties: No data is shared with outside parties


  • Immersive: Quizzes, 360s, private messaging, peer support, notifications, gamification 
  • Engaging: Interactive, learn-by-doing exercises 
  • Story-based: Storytelling approach enabled by videos, images, animations
  • Neuroscience-backed: Our approach is proven, actionable, and based in science

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