Development conversations centered on growth

Complement your performance management cycle with a fresh approach to people development.

Our One-on-One solution is forward-looking and puts employees in the driver’s seat.

Individuals learn their top development areas, such as managing emotions, delegating effectively, or problem-solving. 

They pick one to focus on and get step-by-step, science-backed advice for how to grow. 

Managers play a supportive, coaching role—helping employees overcome hurdles and build habits that stick.


Elements of our
One-on-One solution

We change the nature of individual development with 4 integrated elements. Managers learn to coach. Development becomes a part of the weekly rhythm. Our digital platform highlights growth opportunities and a way forward. Bite-size content makes learning fun and easy.


Managers are trained on how to effectively coach their teams. This gives employees control over their own growth, and lets them chart the best path for them. Manager-coaches also help their people stay motivated and prioritize growth.

Employees learn about their responsibilities as coachees. As coaching conversations unfold, they develop greater autonomy, and become better at problem-solving.

Process for integration

Our solution seamlessly complements your existing performance management cycle. Managers and employees are equipped to have constructive conversations on a routine basis. Coaches support coachees as they work to make new skills and behaviors second-nature. They help coachees set goals, execute, and overcome obstacles. Coachees apply what they learn on the job. Over time, new behaviors become everyday habits.

Bite-size content

People are busy. Our self-paced content lets them experience ‘aha’ moments whenever they have time to learn and grow. Development journeys provide step-by-step guidance to develop skills and change behavior. They are brief, thought-provoking, and fun. Each step of a journey takes about 2 minutes to read. It often includes one or two video clips—each usually less than 2 minutes. The typical survey? Also about 2 minutes.

Digital platform​

GrowthOp™ enables better development conversations. The coachee rates the importance of developing various capabilities. Their coach weighs in. The coachee’s top development areas are revealed, along with three recommended development journeys. Surveys and 360s show coachees their progress and offer tailored advice. When they complete a journey, they are awarded a badge and get key takeaways for the future.

Help your people excel

Our One-on-One solution delivers tailored development, across our seven growth areas:

Experience the difference


We are happy to set up a pilot program for you. The pilot will train a select group of managers and their employees in the skills needed to have coaching conversations. Participants will complete GrowthOp and, with their coach, choose a high-priority development journey to do.

Along the way, managers will support team members as they take on new habits and build skills. At the end of the pilot, participants will engage in a retrospective to discuss what worked, what didn’t, and plan improvements for the future.