Lead in a world of constant change

Great leadership is the difference between
surviving and flourishing.

We equip leaders—and aspiring leaders—to guide their people in fast-changing and uncertain times. This involves looking inward, and learning to lead oneself.

Act purposefully

Engage others

Stay energized

The importance of self-leadership

Research with Fortune 100 leaders has identified the key capabilities leaders need to be highly effective in today’s world.

These capabilities are not hard skills or area expertise.
Nor are they tactics, like delivering motivational speeches.

Instead, they are soft skills that require self-reflection and new habits.

We help leaders develop these capabilities, using insights from psychology and neuroscience.


We help your people develop 7 core self-leadership skills

Understand your instincts

Leaders become more aware of the intuitions and habits that drive their behavior. And they gain tools to change what isn’t working for them.

Lead with greater purpose

Leaders reflect on their desired impact, and make greater use of their core strengths. They learn how to find more meaning, in and out of work.

Position for long-term success

Leaders clarify their medium-term goals, and the skills and experiences they will need to achieve them. They get more done by getting into flow.

Leverage their connections

Leaders strengthen their professional networks and learn how to build trust. They cultivate a sponsor relationship to increase their impact.

Engage the people they lead

Leaders practice talking less, and listening more. They communicate authentically, and balance warmth and strength based on the situation.

Reframe challenges as opportunities

Leaders learn to think about problems more flexibly. They discover how to grow from setbacks, and how to turn stress to their advantage.

Stay energized in work and life

Leaders adjust their lifestyle to nourish their body and mind. They pick up habits to stay invigorated throughout the work day—and to let go after work.

Why invest in your leaders?

Leaders have an outsize impact on the rest of the organization. How they act explains 70 percent of employee engagement, and is often the reason a transformation succeeds or fails.

But only 1 in 5 organizations believe their people are ready to lead in today’s fast-changing world. And only 2 in 5 leaders say their current leadership development program is of high quality.

If you want to give your people the skills to act purposefully, engage others, and stay energized, our self-leadership solutions can help.

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