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We help people thrive in a world of constant change
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Our story begins with a couple of seasoned strategy and transformation consultants.

They were reflecting on the challenges organizations and their people struggle with as they evolve. When an organization goes through a digital transformation, or a person adjusts to a new role, the process is often painful, emotionally and financially.

Was there a way to ease this process? 

The consultants conducted research on Fortune 500 companies and public sector organizations coping with disruption. They also examined cases of people who changed roles—from being promoted to a new VP position, to having their first child. 

All of the organizations and people who went on to flourish had one thing in common: they were open to change and prepared to learn and grow.

Digging further, they realized these attitudes stem from character traits like resilience, growth mindset, and trust. No wonder traditional change methods (e.g., guiding coalitions) often come up short!

Traits like these need to be carefully cultivated. But how? In a world where everyone seems overwhelmed just keeping up, when is there even time for personal and team growth?

That’s when VIVOVII was born.

The name (pronounced VEE-voh-vee) came from vivo, meaning “I live,” and vii, which refers to 7 key areas of life.

They had a vision: to provide people with the tools and support to continuously grow throughout life.

They knew they would need help to realize this vision. So they built a team with diverse backgrounds and skills. Leadership. Coaching. Psychology. Adult learning. App development.

The result was an app that gives easy-to-follow advice, backed by the latest behavioral science.

The app covers hundreds of topics, from being a more engaging speaker, to coaxing your infant to fall asleep, to improving accountability and decision-making. It also provides helpful reminders and progress tracking to build new, life-changing habits.

Then things heated up.

While working with businesses, the VIVOVII team saw a new opportunity.

Soft skills like communication and flexibility were quickly becoming the most in-demand workplace capabilities. Teams—and the “teaming” skills needed for effective collaboration—were more important than ever before.

But organizations didn’t have good tools to develop these skills across their people.

That’s because soft skill development requires mindset and behavior shifts. There’s psychology involved. You need ongoing practice with the new skills. You need pointers along the way, and others to support you through the growing pains.

Most importantly, you need to want to change.

To address these challenges, we set out to change how performance development is done.

We devised a 4-pronged approach:

Coaching training. Managers build the mindset and skills to coach. When a manager puts on a coaching hat, they have more personalized and effective development conversations.

App tools. Individuals and teams get tools that put them in charge of their own development. In the app, they choose when and from whom to get feedback—and which skills to build.

Bite-size journeys. The app has science-backed development journeys for a wide range of soft skills, from building trust to time management. Each is self-paced, and consists of a series of small steps.

Embedding in daily work. Our hands-on approach gives individuals and teams practice with the skills they are building. Ongoing check-ins, live coaching, and journey takeaways keep up the momentum.

Organizations are now using our solutions to develop the skills that matter most for their people.

Including at our own organization.

We believe in continuous improvement, and endeavor to create a culture of learning and growth at VIVOVII.

We use the same 4-pronged approach to development that our clients use. Our people have become more effective leaders, better teammates, and more well-rounded individuals.

All of this growth benefits our clients.

Because we have the soft skills to empathize and understand your needs, we can tailor our solutions to your situation. Our iterative approach to teamwork and innovation ensures that you get valuable updates and information ASAP.

It also means our solutions get better and better over time. Just like the people we help.

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