People development with purpose and impact

Train cohorts of leaders and team members in the skills they need to succeed.

Our Peer Programs solution is customized to your organization.

Programs include Self-Leadership, Coaching for Managers, High-Performing Teams, and Inclusion and Diversity.

We tailor each of these programs to the people who will be participating, taking into account existing programs at your organization.

Each program involves a series of immersive workshops and development journeys, plus follow-up coaching.

Elements of our
Peer Programs solution

We develop your people with 4 ingredients. Managers and program faculty coach. Development is tailored and integrated into the workweek. Our digital platform provides a series of supporting development journeys. These journeys and our workshops are bite-size and interactive.


Program faculty are skilled at facilitation and coaching. They appreciate that different people will face different challenges when they try to change their behavior. In and out of workshops, faculty help individuals understand what really motivates them, and what’s holding them back. They work with individuals to create their own growth plans—and to troubleshoot when things don’t go as planned.

Process for integration

We work with you to customize programs. We begin by conducting surveys and interviews to assess growth opportunities for a given cohort. The results inform decisions about what should be covered, and how. Each program consists of a series of hands-on and practical workshops. Participants see how new skills, mindsets, and behaviors are relevant to their role. They get practice that easily translates to the workplace. Program faculty follow up regularly, coaching individuals and teams as they continue to grow.

Bite-size content

We tailor the length of workshops to fit your schedule. Workshops themselves are broken into focused, action-oriented modules. The corresponding development journeys provide a series of quick steps people can easily manage. Building new habits takes time and practice—that’s why each journey concludes with a cheat sheet of key takeaways that can be referred to again and again. There’s also an assessment that signals progress and areas to focus on.

Digital platform​

The app has a suite of journeys for each of our programs. After participating in each experiential workshop, individuals are invited to complete its companion journey. These journeys help crystallize workshop lessons, and reinforce the new habits they are working to build. Peers discuss what they’re learning from each journey, and share tips about what’s working for them. Quizzes let people see their growth, and 360s provide anonymous feedback from those they trust.

Upskill at scale

Each of our Peer Programs covers a different growth area:

Experience the difference


For the pilot, you will select a cohort of employees and a particular growth area. Their managers will learn skills needed to have coaching conversations. The cohort will experience a workshop and complete a high-priority development journey.

Along the way, managers will support them as they take on new habits and build skills. At the end of the pilot, participants will engage in a retrospective to discuss what worked, what didn’t, and plan improvements for the future.