Investing in your people

We help individuals and teams
adapt to change and up their game

Communication. Emotional intelligence. A growth mindset. Creativity. Teamwork.

Soft skills like these are essential in today’s workplace. Individuals and teams who have them perform better, innovate more, and feel energized. 

The problem? These kinds of skills are tough to develop. They involve mindset shifts and habit change. And they take practice and support from others. 

VIVOVII offers a new way to build these core skills—cost effectively, across your entire organization.

Weave growth into the fabric of your organization

We create learning and growth that lasts, because it becomes part of the way you work. Our approach is based on the latest behavioral science, business thinking, and technology.

We start by equipping managers with skills to have more regular and effective development discussions. Then we empower team members with tools to change.

Almost immediately, leaders, teams, and individuals begin to break old patterns and develop new skills.

The result? A more effective, healthy, and engaged workforce.

4 key ingredients to our approach

Enable growth-oriented conversations

Digital platform
Empower people to take charge of their growth

Process for integration
Embed continuous development

High quality, bite-size content
Create aha moments that spark change

Develop your people with one of our solutions

Managers coach individuals 
in quarterly cycles

Teams continuously improve
 how they work together 

Peers create change
 from the ground up