Hire and develop agile talent

Finding, developing, and retaining talent is harder than ever. We help you attract and hire top candidates who have a growth mindset, are team players, and will add to the culture.

When you get the right people in the door, they leave an indelible mark.

A great team will allow the organization to sustain high performance year in and year out.

The key is to recruit and develop team-oriented people who are passionate about the vision and purpose. These are the people who will take full ownership for delivering value, and collaborate with each other to create a strong sense of community.

Business agility requires not just the best talent, but a growth mindset, entrepreneurial drive, and a high level of trust. We work with your leadership to recruit and cultivate team members who embody these characteristics.

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We bring extensive experience and a personal approach to helping our clients:

Take a holistic approach to attracting talent 


Low unemployment and heated competition have created a talent shortage. Uploading a generic posting on a job board and expecting a superstar candidate to walk in is no longer a reliable strategy.

Before wading into the job market, leaders need a clear understanding of the type of candidate they are looking for. Just as important, they should have a good idea of why such a person would choose to work at their organization. Both sides of this equation should come through in the job description.

Leaders should also encourage positive word-of-mouth, build a social media presence, reach out to target schools and programs (including those they’ve never tapped into), network at relevant events and forums, develop thought leadership, and personally contact potential candidates.

We collaborate closely with senior management and HR to generate deep, talent-rich applicant pools.

Select candidates who enhance collaboration and culture 


After ensuring a deep talent pool, it’s crucial to choose candidates who will thrive in an agile environment. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Leaders must shift from hiring for functional talent and specific hard skills to hiring people who are quick learners and have the soft skills to collaborate.
  • Candidates should be tested on their ability to adapt to changing circumstances, and on qualities like humility and openness to new ideas.
  • Hiring for diversity is essential, as is cultivating an inclusive environment. This helps attract the best talent, and allows teams to out-innovate and serve a wider customer base.

Spending extra time and care during the selection process is worthwhile—especially given the cost of unwinding bad hiring decisions.

We help you create a customized selection process to hire the best agile talent. We also consult on tools that make this process easier and more rigorous.

Leaders must shift from hiring for functional talent and specific hard skills to hiring people who are quick learners and have the soft skills to collaborate.

Empower employees to take charge of development 


Business agility requires a paradigm shift in performance development. A development cycle that is top-down, focuses on individual excellence, targets hard skills, or occurs infrequently will be inadequate.

The first step is to put employees in charge of their own growth, giving them ultimate say over what and how to develop. This involves equipping managers with the skills to coach both individuals and teams. In larger organizations, it may mean creating communities of practice to support learning.

Organizations should also devote more resources to developing soft skills, especially around collaboration and “learning to learn.” This involves shortening the development cycle and having more frequent conversations about specific behaviors someone is working on.

We enable leaders to revitalize performance development. We work with you to empower employees, reward agile behaviors, and embed a growth mindset across the organization.

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