Create a successful strategy

Our work is anchored in your strategy. We take the time to understand your organization and culture, and ensure the transition to business agility goes smoothly.

Disruptive forces are making it increasingly difficult for leaders to predict and plan for the future.

These forces shape our global economy and have weakened traditional sources of competitive advantage. It’s common for a successful new product or service to be replicated quickly by competitors. Profits evaporate overnight.

To consistently win, organizations must make the shift toward greater business agility. The challenge? The success rate for transformation hovers around 30 percent.

Successfully executing the transformation to business agility requires getting the implementation path right, and embedding the change across strategy, structure, process, talent, technology, and culture.

As new ways of working take hold, there are risks to address and short-term disruptions to manage.
And like any large change-management initiative, long-term commitment is needed from employees at all levels, in all functions and business units.

We bring extensive experience and a personal approach to helping our clients
• Chart their unique transformation path
• Deliver on the promise of business agility

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We bring extensive experience and a personal approach to helping our clients:

Chart your unique path to business agility


There isn’t a silver bullet approach to business agility. In fact, often the downfall is to follow a one-size-fits-all model. We have identified the fundamental building blocks for agility and focus on the high leverage points specific to your situation. From there, we build momentum and embed new practices, mindsets, and behaviors that fuel transformation.

Some organizations prefer an incremental approach to implementation. They start with a proof of concept, then do pilots, and then scale to other teams. This enables testing, customization, and controlled roll-out.

Others prefer a “big bang” approach—large-scale, simultaneous change across business units and functions. This is riskier, but it can succeed with bold leadership, appropriate resourcing, and strong follow-through.

Usually, the best approach falls somewhere between these extremes. We work with you to find the sweet spot.

We help you select the best approach given your objectives, circumstances, and ambition. And we develop a detailed roadmap laying out your best path forward.

All too often, leaders' time and energy is squandered on operational and tactical issues, rather than invested in strategic activity.

Create a virtuous cycle of growth

Leadership time, energy, and attention are among an organization’s scarcest and most valuable assets. All too often they are squandered on operational and tactical issues, rather than invested in strategic activity.

In an agile organization, decision-making and accountability are pushed down to the network of integrated teams. This allows leaders to focus on strategy—which they communicate to teams in the form of clear priorities.

A virtuous cycle is created. Teams become more engaged and effective as they work intimately with customers. This emboldens leaders to trust their teams more. And this frees up leaders to spend more time probing the marketplace and thinking creatively about new sources of value.

We help leaders and teams make this transition. This includes helping leaders become comfortable with new management techniques and systems, and preparing them for the greater strategic role they will play.

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