Use your talents to make a difference

Our Culture

We are passionate about helping organizations thrive amid constant change

We believe that agile ways of working have profound benefits beyond the bottom line. When firms transform how they do business, employees take greater pride in their teams’ achievements, and society benefits from valuable products, services, and innovation.

We are excited by our unique approach to Enterprise Agility

Our approach is comprehensive, evidence-based, and personal. We work with the C-Suite, HR, managers, and team members to ensure success, and draw upon the latest advances in business, psychology, and neuroscience to deliver impactful trainings and workshops. Through one-on-one coaching and our app, we meet individuals where they are, and help them make changes that will last.

We practice what we preach

We use our own methods and tools to continuously improve how we work together. Our curiosity and tinkering drive new discoveries. We work hard to reach team goals, which are directly tied to value for our clients. Results matter, not formalities. We understand how work and life are intimately related, and what it means to pursue overall well-being. And we have fun doing what we do.

Your Career

We are looking for multi-talented individuals to join our growing firm

We are hiring writer-researchers, developers, designers, coaches, and consultants. But we believe in cross-functional teaming and these are just primary role descriptions—a writer-researcher might deliver a workshop to a client, and a consultant might help with the design of an app feature. If you are a bright, adaptable, and inquisitive individual eager to improve any team you join, vivovii is a great place to spread your wings.

At vivovii, you are in charge of your own development

We believe not only that everyone can grow and change, but that doing so is essential for individual and team well-being. We want people who care about their own growth and are excited about how this will benefit vivovii and our clients. To foster employee development, we provide regular reviews, guidance from our mobile app, and coaching conversations. You’re in the driver’s seat—you choose what skills you want to develop, and take the lead in figuring out how best to attain them.

Our work environment is at once challenging and supportive

We continually question the status quo and our own thinking, set high but achievable goals, and push ourselves to improve. When problems arise, we focus on finding solutions and what can be learned for the future. We value contributions from everyone, support each other when someone could use a hand, and nurture employee growth.




For those with strong academic credentials, experience in psychology or business research, a talent for writing precisely yet engagingly, and a keen interest in human nature and personal growth. We are looking for people who can work well both individually and in teams to develop insightful content.



For those who are very creative, experienced with mobile apps, and interested in helping vivovii achieve its purpose through smart and attractive design. We are looking for talented people that can help us across product design, video production, and marketing campaigns.



For graduates of top programs in computer science with experience in mobile app development, and a true interest in the vivovii purpose. We are looking for people with talent in iOS, Android, or Web development. We highly value full stack capability.



For graduates of top academic programs and backgrounds in business, and a deep interest in applying the latest research to help organizations transform. We are looking for people to work with clients to conduct assessments, customize content, and coach teams using our advanced products and services.



For academics who are experts within their field of inquiry, with a strong desire to share their expertise to help improve people’s lives. We are looking for experts in psychology, medicine, finance, education, and business, who can advise on content and conduct original research.


If you think you would be a great fit with our team, we would love to hear from you! Please contact us with some information about yourself and what opportunities interest you.